Dealing with carpet cleaning in your entire house is something that a lot of homeowners do at some occasions. Knowing the fundamentals of how the procedure works can definitely help prevent any misconceptions. The following are some of the basics in carpet and rug cleaning Charlottesville as well as the procedure involved bring about:

The Best Step

There are a lot of different ways which you could clean your home carpets. Some individuals want to utilize carpet shampooing while on the other hand, some may use different kinds of chemical agents in order to clean your carpet. But steam cleaning is preferably the best way to clean you carpet. As a matter of fact, stem cleaning is sometimes referred to as extraction of hot water in some instances. This is the cleaning procedure which each carpet mill suggests.

Steam cleaning gives you a lot of benefits over other kinds of cleaning procedures. For instance, steam cleaning doesn’t use any soap or any other cleaning agents when performing home carpet cleaning. When you use a soap on your carpet, it is very hard to get out. So, there is a tendency that some residues may be left on the fibers of your carpet. Not to mention, soap will basically attract dirt and dust to it. Having a soapy carpet will actually make it dirty again any time soon.

Steam cleaning helps the texture of your carpet. When a carpet is made, it is created under an extreme hot temperature. Fibers of the carpet are being twisted together tightly when they are manufactured. The twist can actually come apart when you step on them all over again. This results to carpet which looks very worn and is matted. But when you steam clean your carpet, it heats it back up to very high temperatures. When it happens, the fiber memory of the carpet will cause it to twist the fibers back up again. This will make your carpet appear like it did when you first purchased it. If you don’t use the method of steam cleaning, you won’t get this very useful advantage which comes along with it.

Promotes Longer Carpet Life

Aside from making your carpet look new again, cleaning can also help it last longer. When you carpet receives a lot of soil and dirt in its fibers, it can help worn the carpet out. Dirt and dust are very destructive and it will cause the rubbing up of the protective coatings on your carpet fibers when you step on it. Whenever this occurs, it gets rid of the stain protection of your carpet. Therefore, if your carpet fibers get a lot of dust and dirt, you will do exactly things which could help promote longer life for your carpet, and that is carpet cleaning.


There are a lot of differing choices as to how frequent you must have your carpets cleaned. In addition to that, according to some carpet makers, you should have all of your carpets in your home steam cleaned once every 1 ½ to 2 years.